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The Eco Warrior Awards 2016
14th October 2016
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Elgon Rd, Upper Hill, Nairobi
Theme: Sustainable Tourism - Our Diversity Our Strength

1. Conservancy of the Year 2011: Private conservancy

Winner: Mara North Conservancy


A beautiful private wilderness located in the North of the Masai Mara National Reserve, in the South Western corner of Kenya. MNC has shown commendable contributions to economic development of the local people through partnership with landowners, setting up health facilities, employment and enterprises for women empowerment. Furthermore, they have set up a Trust Fund and necessary infrastructure to initiate new community programs. Their foremost objectives are to improve ecosystem management and ensure its long term health... Read More

2. Conservancy of the Year 2011: Community conservancy

 Winner: Olkinyei Conservancy

This exclusive wildlife conservancy is one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the Serengeti-Mara eco-system. Ol Kinyei belongs to Maasai communities who have recently set aside the conservancy as a sanctuary for wildlife. They have demonstrated a noble duty to the community through education; a scholarship scheme has been put in place that has fostered girl education. They have further partnered with African Mission service to help the community build up schools, clinics, and water source... Read More

3. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2011:

Lodges - Serena Amboseli


Amboseli Serena Lodge has an active Corporate Social Responsibility program that ensures a competitive advantage for the lodge as it markets itself as a leader in Ecotourism. They have previously won Silver and Bronze certifications from Ecotourism Kenya for their efforts in sustainable tourism. Serena Amboseli has shown exemplary innovations in waste management, environmental training, energy generation, water conservation, reforestation and community outreach programs... Read More

4. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2011

Tented Camp - Sanctuary Olonana

Olonana shared their ideas on how the Mara or any area in Kenya can become sustainable in terms of energy production and use and what they themselves are doing towards this objective.  In addition, they provided a clear example of innovation in waste management and how this can be replicated.  Sanctuary Olonana together with Friends of conservation have established an indigenous tree planting project that guests can participate in which they hope will be imitated in the Mara to help cut back deforestation... Read More

5. Enterprise of the Year 2011

Winner: Holiday home - Elsa Kopje

Elsa Kopje, located 10km north of the equator on the top of Mughwango hill holds a crucial role in the conservation of Meru National Park .Their greatest achievement is that Meru National park has been put back on Kenya’s tourist map and increased number of tourists to the establishment. Their achievements triggered the restoration efforts of KWS which were crucial for the rehabilitation of the ecosystem, wildlife, security and infrastructure in Meru .Elsa Kopje has demonstrated commendable leadership in water, waste and energy management as well as community outreach projects... Read more

6. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2011

Community-based/operated venture - Tassia Lodge

Tassia Lodge is set in a stunning wilderness area, situated on the 60,000 acre Lekurruki Community Ranch. It is a community ran venture that is committed in the conservation and sustainable development. Tassia employs the locals and educates them on conservation. They are in partnership with the community to set up school projects for girls, tree planting projects to replace the trees damaged by the elephants. Furthermore, a micro finance women project was founded by Tassia together with mokohondo Maasai women with an aim of empowering women in creating a sustainable source of income from the sale of traditional beading and jewelry... Read more

7. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2011: Tour operator

Winner: Cheli & Peacock

Community outreach and involvement has always been paramount for Cheli&Peacock .They ensure tangible benefits from tourism are shared by the communities nearby Cheli&Peacock properties. They have shown tremendous efforts in supporting local schools and clinics; conduct village visitations where tourists purchase locally made gifts, employ and train local staff and purchase local produce. They have further set up a community Trust fund to formalize existing and future community and conservation initiatives... Read more

8. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2011: Airlines

Winner: Safari link Aviation

Previously Certified as the ‘’Responsible carrier of the year’’ by Ecotourism Kenya. To counterbalance their carbon emissions Safari link has partnered with Mount Kenya Trust and donates funds to plant trees on and around the slopes of Mt. Kenya, in addition to supporting local women’s groups by providing them with training, equipment and trees. Safari link donates a proportion of its ticket fee to a number of carefully selected conservation initiatives in Kenya such as the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the Colobus Trust which undertake a variety of activities including support for education, health, tree planting and wildlife conservation... Read More

9. Eco-Rated Facility of the Year

Winner: Amboseli Porini Camp

Amboseli Porini Camp is located in the Selenkay Conservation Area, a 15,000-acre private game reserve within a vast tract of land owned by the Kisonko clan of the Maasai people. The Conservancy is an important dispersal area for wildlife moving in and out of Amboseli and holds a wide diversity of species. Amboseli Porini has partnered with the community and shared tourism benefits through lease rent, entry fee and employment to the community members... Read More

10. Partnership of the Year Award

Winner: Cheli & Peacock  and Kenya Wildlife Trust

The partnership between Cheli &Peacock and Kenya wildlife Trust in managing the Kitirua Conservancy has been successful in promoting responsible tourism, environmental and wildlife conservation as well as support and integration of the local Maasai community and creation of a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


11. Student Innovation Award

Winner: Zephania Mwalo Munyala & Martin Njoroge Kimani

Zephania and Martin exhibited their passion for conservation and sustainable developments as interns in Taita Taveta at a community tourist Organization. They shared their knowledge on the importance of Ecotourism with the local community through social meetings with member groups and workshops on ecotourism best practices.

Students at Egerton University Njoro

12. Training Program of the year:  

Winner: Koiyaki Guiding School

Located in Narok surrounding, Koiyaki guiding school has shown great initiative in educating the community members and empowering them with the skills to be able to work in tourism, raise tour guiding standards and encourage environmental friendly practices. Since 2005, Koiyaki has seen 6 different groups of students graduating successfully... Read More

13.   Ecotourism Journalist of the Year: Susan Wong

Winner: Susan Wong

A Photographer, Freelance Journalist, Radio presenter at Capital FM and an Adventurer ‘’Amani Mara: A peaceful eco-conscious lodge’’ are just a few examples of articles on Ecotourism by Susan Wong that have gained spotlight on Kenya’s leading website and online Magazine. It is hard to ignore the message behind her photography. She shares the stories of individuals behind innovative ecotourism projects, highlighting the importance of conserving the wildlife and preserving the Flora and Fauna in Africa regions. Susan Wong and Capital lifestyle Magazine partnered with #SaveMountKenya# a social media campaign spearheaded by Kenya travel agency Africa Point to raise awareness of the importance of tree planting in Mount Kenya Forest

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