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The Eco Warrior Awards 2016
14th October 2016
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Elgon Rd, Upper Hill, Nairobi
Theme: Sustainable Tourism - Our Diversity Our Strength

Eco-Warrior Awards FAQs 

What is Eco-Warrior Awards?

It is an awards event that recognizes and celebrates the efforts, innovations and outstanding achievements for upholding responsible tourism.

When is the event?

Friday, 16th October, 2014.

What are the costs?

The costs will be communicated in Due Cause

Who should I expect to meet at the event?

Ecotourism Kenya members, other players in the tourism industry and other invited guests

What are the benefits of the event?

  • Networking opportunities
  • Fun and interaction

How do I register?

If I am a member and I bring a non-member, what are the charges?

Charges of members and non- members to be communicated in Due cause

When is the registration deadline?

To be communicated in due course.

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