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The Eco Warrior Awards 2016
14th October 2016
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Elgon Rd, Upper Hill, Nairobi
Theme: Sustainable Tourism - Our Diversity Our Strength


1. Conservancy of the Year 2012 – Private (Sponsored by the African Conservation Centre)

WINNER: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Logo

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization situated in Kenya’s Laikipia County adjacent to Nanyuki town. Ol Pejeta is East Africa’s Largest Black Rhino Sanctuary, the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees and holds some of the highest predator densities in Kenya. Our revenue generating enterprises include world-class wildlife tourism and a fully integrated livestock production system. All surplus internally generated revenues are used in conjunction with donor funds to support an extensive community outreach programme, and to sustain conservation initiatives beyond our boundaries... READ MORE

2. Conservancy of the Year 2012 – Community (Sponsored by Africa Conservation Center)

WINNER: Ol Kinyei  Conservancy


This 17,500 acre tranche of land belongs to a Maasai community who set aside the land for the purposes of wildlife conservation. Ol Kinyei Conservancy is home to only one camp, the Porini Mara Camp which accommodates a maximum of only 12 guests at any given time – making this not only an exclusive experience but one that respects the principles of eco-tourism. Located within the Serengeti-Mara eco-system, Ol Kinyei is renowned for its unspoilt and breathtaking scenery with diverse terrain offering on one hand open savannah plains and rolling hills on the other. The land, with its abundance of water sources in the form of springs, streams and rivers, coupled with spectacular views across the Mara plains, is home to a wide variety of animal species... READ MORE

3. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Lodge (Sponsored by Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers)

WINNER: Sarova Shaba Game Lodge


Sarova Shaba Game Lodge offers a unique experience that extends beyond game drives in the reserve. The Lodge has a plethora of activities to indulge in from bird watching to camel safaris to the viewing deck along the river to feed and watch crocodiles, making it a destination in itself. On August 26, 2011 , Sarova Shaba Game Lodge became the first game lodge within Shaba, Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves to be connected to the national electricity grid. Sarova Shaba Game Lodge previously ran on a diesel-powered generetor... READ MORE

4. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Tented Camp (Sponsored by Kenya Association of Tour Operators)

WINNER: Karen Blixen Camp


Karen Blixen Camp is an eco-friendly luxury camp that gives a sense of the exiting explorer days when the savannah was seldom visited and elaborate and comfortable camps were set up providing a luxurious and stylish retreat after each day’s adventure. Karen Blixen Camp comprises 22 large luxury canvas tents each placed with undisturbed view...READ MORE

5. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Villas & Holiday homes (Sponsored by Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers)

WINNER: Forest Dream


Forest Dream Resort sits in 25 acres of subtropical forest, located in Diani on the South coast of Kenya with the beach at only a 10 minute walk. Forest Dream is about finding peace in nature. A selective number of rooms, private villas and cottages spread out over a large forest area make Forest Dream a unique spacious boutique resort. Each cottage is set in its own one acre forest garden giving our guests an exclusive and private accommodation. The cottages are designed in the beautiful Swahili style to embrace the forest and natural surroundings, making you feel... READ MORE.

6. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Villas (Sponsored by Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers)

WINNER: Serena Beach Hotel and Spa


Fringed by white beaches, and shaded by coconut palms, the silver ribbon of the Swahili coastline offers the ultimate tropical paradise. Bright white against the blue sky, set in extensive tropical gardens, the architecture of the Serena Beach Hotel and Spa replicates the winding lanes and colourful market places of a traditional 13th century Swahili town. At its heart lies the coral-built ‘Fortress of Tranquillity of the exquisite ‘Maisha Mind, Body and Spirit Spa...READ MORE

7. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Community Based (Sponsored by Federation of Community Bases Organizations)

WINNER: Kaya Kinondo


Kaya Kinondo, also known as Kaya Ngalaani, is a gazetted National Monument under the National Museums Act located in the south of the Kenyan coast in Msambweni District. The Kaya is owned communally by the local community and is managed through a set of traditional rules and regulations (taboos) enforced by a council of elders as it used to be since time in memorial. Kaya Kinondo is an indigenous sacred forest that has survived pressures from population growth, poverty, tourist development because of the cultural beliefs of the Digo Mijikenda people who have used the Kayas such as Kinondo to commune with their ancestral spirits through worship and sacrificial offerings... READ MORE

8. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Tour operator (Sponsored by Kenya Association of Tour Operators)

WINNER: Cheli and Peacock


Cheli & Peacock has grown to become the leading ground handler in Kenya; continuing to operate upmarket bespoke safaris for clients that want the eal safari experience. Since inception in 1985, Liz & Stefano were operating eco-tourism before it was a buzzword; employing from the local communities and supporting both National Reserves and community conservation initiatives. Today, and throughout more than 27 years of operation, Liz & Stefano’s priorities have always been to: operate the best safari for the client, promote responsibility and professionalism, emphasize on wildlife experience, complete safari experience and guiding...READ MORE

9. Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012 – Airline (Sponsored by Kenya Association of Airline Operators)

WINNER: Safarilink


For the 3rd year now, Safarilink has been awarded the Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year 2012, Airline Category. Safarilink is Kenyas premier safari airline with a network of connecting domestic scheduled services to all the best safari destinations within Kenya and across the border into northern Tanzania. Safarilink has taken the decision for their flights to be carbon-neutral from 2009. This will be achieved by a major involvement in an indigenous tree planting exercise on the foothills of Mount Kenya within the Mount Kenya National Reserve... READ MORE

10. Eco-Rated Facility of the Year 2012 (Sponsored by Serena Hotels and Lodges)

WINNER: Basecamp Explorer


Basecamp Explorer Kenya operates eco-lodges within secluded locations north of the Masai Mara Reserve, one camp is in the Talek Area and two camps in the wildlife haven that is Mara Naboisho Conservancy. Basecamp Explorer have developed a model for responsible tourism in close cooperation with key partners and local communities. In Kenya our operations and projects help reduce poverty, improve health and strengthen local education...READ MORE

11. Ecotourism Partnership of the Year 2012 (Sponsored by Federation of Community Based Organizations)

WINNER: Sasaab Lodge Samburu/Donors and Community Groups


Sasaab is a sensational and stylish lodge set in a wild landscape, amongst the culturally proud and fascinating Samburu tribe. It offers an experience of rare and endangered wildlife enhanced by scenic views of the EwasoNyiro river- Kenya’s third largest water course.Set on half a mile of hillside, the lodge provides privacy and harmony with the environment and a taste of true African safari. Set on half a mile of hillside, the lodge provides privacy and harmony with the environment...READ MORE

12. Ecotourism Guide of the Year 2012 (Supported by Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association)

WINNER: Joseph Lekitony Ole Koyie - Olonana Sanctuary


Joseph also greatly contributed towards the conservation of a whole Lion pride which he found being ceremonially hunted by the Masai Morans. His intervention saved a pride that would be extinct and the entire Mara Triangle recognized Joseph as a true conservation hero for his risking his life and prompt response to save the pride. Joseph has for several years been a champion of connecting tourism to community support and has begun with a solid partnership with a US based Dentist Dr. Raymond Damazo who does free dental clinics to the Masai community. Joseph was featured in the book called The Safari Dentist by Dr. Damazo and his photo is on the cover of the book. Joseph has with the support of Under The Acacia; provided a health centre, School and recently sunk a bore hole for the community in Loita- Masai Mara... READ MORE

13. Ecotourism Journalist of the Year 2012 (Sponsored by Clip Frames Productions)

WINNER: Carol Gatura - CCTV


Carol Gatura is a CCTV Script writer and Reporter. Ecotourism is a misinterpreted concept in most parts of the world. Carol’s piece was aimed at demystifying the concept of ecotourism by highlighting, Campi Ya Kanzi in Southern Kenya and Ecotourism Kenyas works. Her feature was intriguing that helps a layman, understand the concept and importance of Ecotourism. View some of her latest work HERE and catch up with her on Twitter

14. Ecotourism Student Innovation Award 2012 (Sponsored by African Fund of Endangered Wildlife)

WINNER: David Okul – Karen Blixen


David achievements at the Karen Blixen Camp (KBC) involved starting an indigenous tree nursery in their Maasai Mara property with the holding capacity of 5000 trees. Ever since, KBC has planted more than 8000 woody tree species in areas around the camp. David drafted the curricula, teachers’ manual and general structure of the Vocational and Technical Forestry Gardening and Environment Education (FGEE) taught at The forestry School (under Karen Blixen Hospitality School, KBHS). Davids leadership qualities were demonstrated by coordinating the various actors and facilities following the successful establishment of the forestry school. He has also been active in disseminating information on conservation and reforestation to the neighbouring Maraerienda and Aitong communities and is currently finalizing a concept that would involve primary school children from the nearby Mararienda Primary School engage in indigenous tree planting at Karen Blixen Camp once a month. David is a student at University of Nairobi (Masters of Arts,Environmental Planning and Managemnet).

15. Ecotourism Training Program of the Year 2012 (Sponsored by African Fund of Endangered Wildlife)

WINNER: Kenyatta University


Kenyatta University through the department of Tourism Management offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Tourism Management. One of the key focuses of these programmes is the positioning of tourism as a key economic sector that delivers economic benefits to both the country and community while respecting the socio-cultural and environmental heritage of the communities where it is practiced. In pursuit of this goal, the University has, through partnership with the Ecotourism Kenya and other industry stakeholders modeled her curriculums to inculcate in her graduates the principles and ideals of sustainability in tourism development. Further, the University has been a full member of the Ecotourism Kenya for the last three years through which the ideals of the organization (Ecotourism Kenya) are cultivated and perpetuated in the students of tourism management through collaborative tailor-made internship programs among other initiatives. The university is also an institutional member of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK)... READ MORE

16. Ecotourism Student Host Organization of the Year 2012 (Sponsored by Ecotourism Kenya)

WINNER: Mlilo Community Tours & Safaris Limited


Mlilo Community Tours and Safaris is a Community Based Organization which helps local Community Groups to sell their abundant resources through packaging them for Tourists. Mlilo packages are designed to uphold the principles of ecotourism by ensuring that your interaction with hosting communities supports local conservation initiatives.
Mlilo provides high quality tour guides accredited by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association at no extra cost. Mlili Ecotours seeks to add impetus to poverty eradication agenda by providing an opportunity to local communities to accrue direct benefits from ecotourism.... READ MORE

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