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There are several ways in which you can get involved with Ecotourism Kenya and EK partners

1. Membership:

You can become a member of the organization. Besides the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing or supporting environmental conservation activities, Ecotourism Kenya members also enjoy the following services from the organization:

  1. A monthly e-letter (email) and a quarterly newsletter with information on ecotourism and sustainable tourism
  2. Free Access to the resource center with publications on ecotourism, best practices, etc
  3. Discounted rates for our publications and for entry to Ecotourism Kenya-organized events
  4. Free account on Ecotourism Kenya website (corporate members only)
  5. An opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and enterprises
  6. An opportunity to support Ecotourism Kenya’s sustainable tourism initiatives

View the Membership Procedure

Membership categories are:

To view the Members Charter Click Here

Members List To view a list of current members, click here

2. Partner with EK in Matchmaking Activities

Ecotourism Kenya has a matchmaking and mentorship initiative, through which Community Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) and the players in the mainstream tourism industry can engage in meaningful sustainable business arrangements. Through this project, the private sector has an opportunity to identify potential CBTEs that complement their businesses such as unique tourism products or activities and local sourcing of raw materials. Ecotourism Kenya on the other hand provides the necessary capacity support to raise the CBTE products and business practices and nurtures the link to the private sector.

You can become a part of this Matchmaking venture by

  • Including a CBTE in your itinerary
  • Source for products made by CBTEs
  • Source of other services from CBTEs

For a list of CBTEs on our data base, click here

3. Internship Opportunities

At EK, we understand the importance of imparting the younger generation with the virtues of responsible tourism practices. Towards this end, we have a Training and Mentorship program in which we enlist students from Colleges and Universities and dispatch them for internship with our partners and members.

For more information on this, click here

4. Join an EK Committee

You can join any of our three sub-committees:

  • Standards and best practice sub-committee
  • Community Outreach sub-committee
  • Public Relations and Marketing sub-committee

For more information, send us an e-mail to

5. Take part in EK Activities

Ecotourism Kenya organizes numerous events meant to inform and/or create awareness on various matters touching on the environment, sustainable and responsible tourism. These events include: 

  • Monthly talks
  • National Conferences
  • New Members Orientation Seminars
  • Annual Eco Warrior Awards
  • Open Days
  • Annual General Meetings and much more

For a list of upcoming events, click here

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