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Ecobyte Vol 1 Issue 1

The correct use of Eco-rating Certification emblem and the Eco-rating cerificate              

Ecobyte Vol 1 Issue 2

 Replicable organic waste management practices in facilities

Ecobyte Vol 1 Issue 3
 Energy Conservation tips for tourism Accommodation facilities
Ecobyte Vol 1 Issue 4
 Engaging your employees in your sustainability business
Ecobyte Vol 2 Issue 1

 How to Communicate Sustainability to Guests 

Ecobyte Vol 2 Issue 2
 Why it is wrong to feed or bait wildlife!

Ecobyte Vol 2 Issue 3

 Reducing and Managing Food Waste in Hotels
Ecobyte Vol 3 Issue 2

 Hotel Oil and Grease Best Management Practices

Ecobyte Vol 3 Issue 3
Energy conservation 
Ecobyte Vol 4 Issue 1
Importance of environmental awareness and training
Ecobyte Vol 5 Issue 2 Ways to anchor sustainability into a tourism enterprise
Ecobyte Vol 6 Issue 1

Repurposing of Waste

Ecobyte Vol 6 Issue 2                            Are you using your Eco-rating Certification Emblem
Ecobyte Vol 7 Issue 1 Developing an effective EMP
Ecobyte Vol 8 Issue 1  

Best practices in water management for accomodation facilities.pdf

Ecobyte Vol 8 Issue 2 Climate change adaptation measures.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 8 Issue 3   How to engage the local community in your tourism business.pdf

Ecobyte Vol 9 Issue 1 Ecorating Certification Process.pdf
Ecobytes Vol 9 Issue 2 Green Purchasing tips for tourism accommodation facilities.pdf

Ecobyte Vol 10 Issue1

Safeguarding Health and safety issues in your facility.pdf 

Ecobyte Vol 11 Issue1 

Ecotourism Best Practices-Case study of Serena Beach Hotel.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 11 Issue 2       

Embracing Best Practices in Energy Management_case study_CyK_Tawi.pdf  

Ecobyte Vol 11 Issue 3  

Grey water recycling.pdf

Ecobyte Vol 12 Issue 1 Procedure for obtaining an Effluent Discharge Licence.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 12 issue 2 Replicable best practices- case study Kilima Camp Masai Mara.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 12 Issue 3  Eco Smart Swimming Pool Technology Alternative.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 12 Issue 4 Simple reusing and recycling ideas for your facility.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 5 Issue 1 Launch of the Tour Operators Certification in Kenya.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 1 2017 Issue 1 Combating pollution and wastes for tourism accommodation facilities.pdf
Ecobyte Vol 1 2017 Issue 2 Changes in the Eco-rating Standard child labour, abuse and human rights.pdf
EcobyteVol 2 2017  Issue 1   Water Management and Conservation for Tourism Facilities.pdf    

Ecobyte Vol 2 2017 issue 2

  Fire risk reduction in tourism facilities.pdf    
Ecobyte Vol 2 2017 Issue 3    Formulation of an environmental policy.pdf    
Ecobyte Vol 3 2017 Issue 1    Chemical safety in tourism facilities-Material Safety Data Sheets.pd    
Ecobyte Vol 3 2017  Issue 2    Sustainability for tour operators-The travelife Partner.pdf    
Ecobyte Vol 3 2017 Issue 3    Ecobyte Vol 3 2017 Issue 3 Sustainable local purchasing.pdf    


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