Journey to a Green Kenyan Tourism Supply Chain : Sustainability for Tour Operators

GREENTOUR Kenya project is working with international and local partners to green the tourism supply chain in Kenya. One of the partners in this project is Travelife. Travelife for Tour Operators helps the tour operators and travel agencies to work towards sustainability through a certification process.  The Travelife for Tour Operators certification process in Kenya is supported and managed by Ecotourism Kenya.

The project has a special focus on tour operators as they are the focal point of any tourism supply chain. They link tourists to international and local travel agents, accommodations, Community Based Tourism Organizations, safari guides, tour leaders and destinations. Through their engagement in sustainable tourism best practices, the Tour Operators have a great potential to influence progressive policies and choices within the industry.

On Monday 25th March 2019, the Ecotourism Kenya Project team visited Belo Luxury Safaris offices in Kitengela, to conduct an in-house coaching session on sustainable consumption and production implementation. This involved taking Ms. Rose Topisia (Managing Director) through the Travelife online reporting tool for tour operators. The Travelife programme has a 3-stage approach; engaged → partner → certified for which Belo Luxury Safaris has expressed a wonderful commitment to achieve partner level (stage 2).

The coaching sessions are intended to guide and support the tour operator through the online reporting period which is a requirement to achieve Partner and Certified levels. Ms. Topisia stated that she is focused to continue with the sustainability journey together with all her staff members and they shall work on the process tirelessly until the task is accomplished.


We at Ecotourism Kenya are also more than delighted to walk the sustainability journey with all tour operators and ultimately revolutionize the tourism industry.


Thank you!

Compiled by: EK – Project Team

  *Promoting Sustainability in Tourism*


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