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Identifying market segments and improving product development is one of the greatest aspects to consider when enhancing the market access capacities of tourism enterprises in Kenya. This is because they provide innovative tourism products that serve as niche products to entrench sustainability in the supply chain. In this regard, the GREENTOUR Kenya Project implementation partners conducted a 3- day export promotion training for 20+ companies at Utalii Hotel in Nairobi from 9th to 11th April 2019.

The principal objective of the training was preparing the MSMEs for the 3- year long Export Coaching Program. It further focused on familiarizing the participants with the EU markets and equipping them with export marketing, management and promotion techniques relevant to these markets.

The training was led by two International coaches assisted by three other professional Kenyan business coaches. The MSMEs trained comprised of both tour operators and Community Based Tourism Organizations who were trained together to set the link between them in terms of product innovation and how they can complement each other’s businesses.

Exciting breakout sessions cushioned with interactive discussions and guided by the coaches marked the peaks of each training day’s module. This was ultimately intended to ensure that at the end of the training; the participants would be able to design and write their individual companies’ export marketing plans. This training was just the beginning of several other office visits and coaching sessions with the local coaches.

More exciting to this training is that, the MSMEs would further be supported to attend and actively participate in the local, regional and international tourism fairs as these are key export market entry instruments.  This change making training marked the start of an Export Coaching Program of the EU funded GREENTOUR Kenya project. The program is intended to significantly support the MSMEs on sustainable business development and marketing.

Ecotourism Kenya is happy to be part of the team working to empower Kenyan tourism enterprises towards accessing the international export markets. Find out more about the GREENTOUR Kenya Project on https://ecotourismkenya.org/greentour/


Thank you!

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