The partnership between Ecotourism Kenya and Mama Layla is striving towards positive growth of sustainable tourism in Kenya through the following;

  • Environmental programs: Activities that improve the planet’s well-being focusing on the environment encompassing the parks, the beaches, mangrove restoration and among others.
  • Human-Wildlife Co-existence: Addressing human-wildlife conflict by training affected communities on strategies for co-existence, including adopting applicable farming practices for pastoralists and supporting small-holder farmers.
  • Capacity Building for Beach Operators: Empowering the beach operators by providing them with new skills, such as tour guiding and crafting and creating new tourism products.


The partnership invites you to contribute to our survey on sustainable tourism initiatives in Kenya!

Your valuable insights will be crucial in understanding and promoting our partnership focus areas. This survey aims to gather opinions and experiences from Kenyan tourism and related industries that have engaged in or are interested in sustainable tourism initiatives. By sharing your projects or experiences, you’re contributing to developing the partnership’s initiatives.

Let’s consolidate our efforts to realize upscaled positive growth in sustainable tourism in Kenya. Together, we can inspire positive change in the way we explore and experience the world.

Fill in the survey here.


Thank you!

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