Ecotourism Kenya, through the Leadership and Mentorship Program held a youth training from May 2nd to May 5th, 2023 at their offices. The training sessions focused on sustainability and professional development. This is the first part of the youth engagement program. The second and last part is the attachment phase. The primary focus is skills acquisition through work experience for a period of three months.

As outlined in the UNWTO’s Tourism Education Guidelines, the program aligns with  three of the seven education and training guidelines;

  • Update Tourism Curricula: The featured training topics were arrived at by consolidating survey responses issued to places of work that would offer attachment to the LMP participants.
  • Innovate Undergraduate and Graduate Tourism Education: Sustainability and professional development focus training.
  • Connect Tourism Graduates with Employment Opportunities: not only graduates but also undergraduates in the relevant studies can receive work attachments after the training.

This year’s cohort comprised of 13 young professionals, a mix of continuing students and recent graduates. Their careers feature travel, tourism, hospitality, conservation, and related areas from various learning institutions across the country. The group was interactive, eager to learn, and showed promise of growth in thought and mindset.

The amazing team of facilitators provided an engaging learning experience. They include;


  1. Sustainability in the Tourism Value Chain- Edith Alusa, Ecotourism Kenya
  2. Environmental Management focus as outlined in the Ecorating Standard- Simeon Kisaka, Ecotourism Kenya
  3. Wildlife Conservation in Kenya – Atandi Anyona, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association
  4. Addressing Climate Change & Youth Participation- Kiptoo Chemoiwo, Global Landscapes Forum Nairobi Chapter


  1. Effective Communication- Sheila Kutto, Ecotourism Kenya
  2. The Art of Being Ready- Lucy Macridis, Elemcee Consulting
  3. Workplace Etiquette and Ethics- Lynnet Kamonde, Ecotourism Kenya
  4. Personal growth- Lynnet Kamonde, Ecotourism Kenya
  5. Digital Marketing- Mary Kimeu, Ecotourism Kenya

Insights from the facilitators;

  1. Atandi Anyona- KWCA 

2.  GLFxNairobi

Insights from the LMP Participants on various social media platforms;

We are hopeful to start the second phase of the program soon.

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