About Ecotourism Kenya:

Ecotourism Kenya is a non-profit organization committed to promoting responsible tourism practices that contribute to environmental conservation, community development, and economic growth.

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As part of our commitment to excellence, we are seeking passionate and experienced individuals to join our various technical committees. By joining us, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of Ecotourism Kenya and your involvement will be instrumental in achieving our shared goals in supporting sustainable tourism practices in Kenya. The various open technical committees are:
1. Standards & Best Practices Committee
2. Finance & Administration Committee
3. Research, Development & Advocacy Committee
4. Community Development and Outreach Committee
5. Membership & Events Committee
6. PR, Marketing & Communication Committee

• Strong commitment to community engagement and sustainable practices
• Proven experience and expertise in the relevant technical committee.
• Someone committed and willing to actively participate in the activities of the
committee. (e.g., attend all meetings, participate in discussions, etc.).

How to Apply:
Interested members are invited to submit their expression of interest and a brief profile outlining their relevant experience in line with the technical committee of their choice to  Cc
Deadline for expression of interest: 19th January 2024

Important note:
The open positions do not attract any remuneration.
The terms of reference (ToR) for each technical committee will be shared with the shortlisted candidates only.
The positions are open to paid-up members of EK. However, non-members interested in joining any of the technical committees are encouraged to apply and pay for membership first before expressing their interest.

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