Ecotourism Kenya wishes to congratulate  Tortilis Camp  for retaining  Gold Eco-rating Certification in the  recent April re-assessment. The camp demonstrated an outstanding effort in Environmental conservation.The camp is starting out a bee project. This project is aimed at increasing the indigenous bees population in the area and enhance pollination and consequently increase biodiversity species variety in the area.

Congratulations to Serena Beach Resort and Spa for retaining Gold Eco-rating Certification. The facility was observed to have maintained ecotourism best practices. It has a butterfly conservation project within its premises. The aim of the project is to provide a secure breeding site for the butterflies and enhance their population.

Congratulations to Baobab Beach Resort and Spa and Voyager Beach Resort  for retaining Silver Eco-rating Certification.

Congratulations to   Voyager Ziwani  for progressing to Silver Eco-rating Certification. Major improvements on waste management were observed at the camp from the last audit.

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