A Leadership & Mentorship Program Success Story


I was anticipating gaining work experience in the field of tourism, understanding issues about sustainability, and how to take advantage of leadership roles in shaping and spearheading the sustainability agenda in my surroundings. First and foremost, I got inspired by the young professionals at Ecotourism Kenya who mentored and challenged us to stand up for sustainability and pursue our career goals no matter what. Secondly, I was fully prepared to start my journey of gaining work experience in the tourism industry with a sustainability mindset. I learned about work ethics, what to expect while at work, and how to overcome challenges at the workplace.

During Diana’s attachment: Mount Kenya Day hike through Castle Forest Lounge

This molded me into an all-around individual and saw me complete my attachment successfully at Kenya Outdoors Tours and Travel company, which later employed me. I gained hands-on skills and experiences regarding tours including itinerary planning, visitor management, transportation booking, tour managing, event facilitation, and front office among other valuable skills.

Lastly, through the program, I got to gain an interest in sustainability and this saw me working on different research projects including offering support to the GreenTour Kenya project run by Ecotourism Kenya. Additionally, at the Global Tourism Resilience Crisis and Management Center which has played a big role in shaping my career as a researcher and tourism professional.

Determination, hard work, and teamwork saw me completing three months of internship successfully as required to complete my coursework. I believe the skills learned and the experience acquired is good enough to elevate me to another level of professionalism such as even starting my own tour company. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build their career, gain work experience and follow the sustainability path.


Apply to be part of the Leadership & Mentorship Program 2024:

As a trainee, click here. Deadline 9th February 2024.

As a company, click here.

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