Kenya Tourism Federation Statement on Kenya’s Post Election 12/8/2017

On 8/8/2017 millions of Kenyans trooped to various polling stations across the country to cast their votes. As per our earlier statement on Day 1 the voting process was generally smooth and Kenyans conducted themselves in a mature and civil manner. They were well commended by the international community.

By and large the electoral process was given a clean bill by all the various international independent observers from The EU, UK, Commonwealth, African Union and Carter Centre from the USA amongst many others. The various observers were led by imminent globally respected personalities the likes of John Kerry former US secretary of state, Thabo Mbeki former South African president and John Dramani Mahama former Ghana President amongst many others.

The main opposition party disputed the results streaming process, they raised various issues in a letter to the electoral body. The electoral team responded to every issue they raised on the same day.

On 11/8, the main opposition party opted to stay away from the results announcement. The electoral body went ahead to continue working round the clock to collate all the results. They finally announced the winner as the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta who garnered over 54% of the votes.

Most parts of Kenya has since remained calm save for Kisumu and it’s environ which is considered an opposition party stronghold and a few pockets in Nairobi that registered isolated cases of skirmishes. These were all sorted out by the Kenya police in a swift organized manner. The unrest reported in Kisumu 3rd largest city in Kenya has since been quelled and it is all calm and quiet. The airport and other facility are open and operational.

Update on Tourist Circuit Areas

Nairobi: The main capital city has remained calm and the both airports Jomo Kenyatta and Wilson are operating without any disruptions.

All roads in and around Nairobi are open to traffic with no reported disruption. A few pockets of unrest was reported in Kibera slum area but has since been quelled. We do not anticipate any skirmishes moving forward.

Nakuru & Naivasha: These two popular areas with intentional tourists has remained very clam with not a single incident was reported. The only crowds that were reported in various areas were celebrating a win by local aspirants etc.

Narok, Masai Mara & Greater Rift Valley: Another popular zone world famous Masai Mara is currently experiencing the annual wildebeest migration has been very calm safe for lion roars and the millions of wildebeests and other grazers dotting the Mara plains. The only crowds were happy locals again celebrating a win by a local aspirant along the main roads in urban centers. They posed no issue to any motorist. Masai Mara is currently very busy with all the camps and lodges enjoying 90% occupancies and above.

Mount Kenya, Samburu & Northern Kenya: No incident and it has all been quite and calm
Mombasa, Diani, Malindi, Watamu, Lamu & Tana Delta. Not a single incident and it has been calm all through. Hotels and Resorts are all operating and no disruption of any facility has been reported be it the Ferry, and the four airports of Mombasa, Ukunda, Malindi & Lamu.

Conclusion: We shall keep you informed of any issue as and when it comes up. Please also note that many of the international journalists and TV stations have opted to use old video clips and images to file their stories since Kenyan opted not to engage in any acts of violence this time round.

Meanwhile Kenya Tourism Federation which is the umbrella body for the tourism industry in Kenya will continue to operate its 24 hour safety & security center for any occurrence which is highly unlikely. During the elections we had over 100 vehicles positioned along all the major tourist routes with observers to monitor tourist routes to ensure that all our esteemed visitors are safe and there is no interruption to their itineraries.

We also worked very closely with Kenya police and the special wing of Tourist Police unit who were at hand in case we ever needed their assistance 24/7.

For those planning to come to Kenya , rest assured that all is well and we are currently enjoying one of the best tourism season after many years. Don’t be left out, get here we know you can and magical Kenya awaits you.

Mohammed Hersi, Chairman Kenya Tourism Federation
Richard Corcoran,  Chairman KTF Security

Click here to download the statement (pdf, new window)

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