A Leadership & Mentorship Program Success Story

Mark Miano, LMP MAY 2023

When I initially enrolled in the Leadership and Mentorship Program (LMP) in May 2023, I held certain expectations that fueled my enthusiasm for the journey ahead. Foremost, I anticipated that the program would provide in-depth discussions on the technical aspects of ecotourism. I was eager to explore topics related to sustainability, environmental conservation, and responsible tourism practices. Furthermore, one of my primary expectations was to network with industry players and fellow participants.

I entered the program with a firm belief in my chosen career path within the tourism industry. However, as I engaged in the training sessions and attachment period, I realized that being open-minded was essential for growth and adaptation. During the training sessions, one particular session that had a lasting impact on me was “The Art of Being Ready.” This eye-opening session emphasized critical thinking as a fundamental skill for success in any field. Moreover, the training introduced the concept of being SMART in my approach to work. By setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound, I gained clarity on what I aimed to achieve and developed a structured plan to reach those objectives.

The attachment period at Emboo River Camp was equally transformative. It taught me the value of teamwork and humility. I was glad to be absorbed into employment after the period. Collaborating with diverse individuals and being open to learning from others’ perspectives broadened my horizons and enriched my understanding of the industry. In addition to these lessons, the program instilled in me a profound appreciation for the concept of lifelong learning. I realized that in a rapidly evolving industry like tourism, continuous learning, and adaptation are crucial for staying relevant and making a positive impact. Embracing a mindset of constant learning has motivated me to seek out new opportunities for skill development and personal growth.

From fostering open-mindedness and critical thinking to encouraging lifelong learning and teamwork, the LMP program instills valuable attributes for personal and professional growth. Through engaging training sessions and attachment opportunities, participants gain invaluable insights from industry experts and develop a clear vision for their careers. By joining this program, individuals can unlock their full potential, contribute meaningfully to sustainable tourism, and become inspiring leaders in their respective fields.


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