LMP Alumnae Success Stories: Marxine Waite

Marxine with EK Ecorating team

My internship in 2013 through the LMP Program truly opened my eyes to what application of environmental science could achieve in the corporate world. Through this opportunity, I was completely drawn to my purpose, which is; communication and application of environmental and sustainability management in the private sector.  I was fortunate to have gotten a job as a Program Assistant at Ecotourism Kenya in 2017 and was promoted in a few months to Program Officer, heading the Standards and Best Practice Program.

My time at Ecotourism Kenya truly nurtured my skills and together with the Team achieved many milestones in the promotion of responsible tourism in Kenya through the Certification scheme and the Eco- warrior Awards. I was also involved in international assignments including; Ecotourism Standards development with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Travelife for Tour Operators Certification, where I still serve as a coach and auditor. I was able to do the first ever Tour Operator Certification in Kenya. I have also worked with UNEP on the guidelines for providing product sustainability information, representing Ecotourism Kenya in an International Climate Change Course in Sweden, where I was awarded best presentation of climate action project in Eastern Africa.

Closest to my heart I have to say is my work with the LMP program and the sustainability ambassadors task. I have a great passion for working with young people and I have been involved in the training and mentorship of students and young graduates. I hope to encourage a positive attitude towards sustainability and create opportunities for them, much like was done for me as an intern through LMP. I now run a sustainability consultancy and I have currently been awarded a Fellowship through Afrika Kommt; an initiative of the German Government and German private companies in developing African leaders in various professions.

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