We are thrilled to announce the addition of some exceptional new talents to our team!

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Charity Chepkemei, Emmanuel Gichuru, George Ireri, and Samwel Mdoe.

Charity Chepkemei

Programs Officer-Community Enterprise Development

Charity possesses a fervent dedication to Responsible Tourism with a keen interest in championing Community Support and Empowerment. Her overarching objective is to establish a lasting impact within the tourism industry by empowering local communities through training, enabling them to utilize available resources for their benefit while also safeguarding the environment. Charity has acquired expertise in Community Enterprise Development through research and working with multiple community-based organizations.

Emmanuel Gichuru

Programs Officer- Standards & Best Practices

Emmanuel is highly skillful and proficient in the field of environmental conservation. He is an EIA Associate Expert with a comprehensive background in environmental Resource Management. In his prior roles, Emmanuel assumed leadership responsibilities, whereas he successfully managed projects and coordinated teams. He believes in the integration of technology as a way of solving existing and emerging sustainability issues in the tourism industry and society at large. His overall motivation is to contribute to the advancement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

George Ireri

Programs Assistant- Standards & Best Practices

George is an experienced EIA associate expert with a passion for environmental conservation and responsible tourism. He believes that continuously updating his knowledge is essential for ensuring the maintenance of sustainable tourism practices. He has expertise in matters of Environmental Impact Assessment, Climate Change, Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, and Environmental Audits among others. His passion is to promote all-inclusive sustainable tourism practices in the tourism industry.


Samwel Mdoe

Programs Assistant- Standards & Best Practices

Samwel is an experienced EIA associate expert and a distinguished member of the Environmental Institute of Kenya. His expertise encompasses a wide range of subjects within environmental science, including environmental ethics, industrial toxicology, environmental physics, biodiversity conservation, and land and water use, among others. With a firm belief in the power of teamwork, Samwel is dedicated to fostering collaborative efforts within organizations. His passion lies in advocating for sustainability and driving initiatives that promote environmentally responsible practices.



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