Ecotourism Kenya is pleased to recommend Grace Angel Bahati in any firm or industry. Grace is a graduate of Daystar University in Bachelor of Commerce, accounting Option. She joined Ecotourism Kenya in November 2017 to June 2018 as an Accounts /Admin Assistant.
While Grace worked for EK, she approached each task with a high level of dedication and professionalism. Performing financial assessments is one of her key talents. She is always willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities.
She performed the following duties while working at Ecotourism Kenya:

• Staff payroll management, including statutory deductions e.g. NSSF, NHIF, HELB and PAYE
• Process all bank payments and receipts ensuring all cash inflows and outflows are properly recorded and ensuring discrepancies are accurately identified and reconciled.
• Preparing detailed remittance advice for all cheque payments and ensuring all the supporting documents are attached and filed.
• Performing bank reconciliations on a regular basis on QuickBooks and excel to ensure accuracy.
• Cash flow statements and cash flow projections
• Invoicing and collection of membership and eco rating fees
• Ensure that the manual cheques and other payments are recorded in the QuickBooks sequentially.
• Ensure separate accounts e.g. Kshs., Usd, and Euro bank accounts are recorded and maintained separately and sequentially.
• Maintaining of staff files and leave days
• Petty cash management
• Debtors and creditors control account
• All administrative duties

Prior to working at Ecotourism Kenya, she was engaged as an intern at Kenya Airways from February to April 2017 performing the following duties: receipting returns, banking reconciliation, booking and payment of JKIA, asset tagging and any other duty as may be assigned from time to time. She has also been an intern at Intel College performing accounting and administrative duties.
Grace is passionate about accounting in general, as she is in a league of her own. Thus, Ecotourism Kenya has no reservations in recommending her whatsoever for an accounting position in any firm that she chooses to be a part of. As we believe in her ability to handle even the most multifarious of accounting procedures.

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