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Community-based tourism enterprises (CBTEs) are important for conserving culture and nature while also benefiting the community economically. To support the growth and sustainability of CBTEs, it’s crucial to refine and enhance the knowledge and skills of their owners and operators.

Recently, Ecotourism Kenya organized the Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) Engagement Week, conducted virtually from 31st July to 4th August 2023. It was a significant milestone in advancing the growth and sustainability of CBTEs in Kenya’s tourism sector. Around 30 representatives from micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) participated in this event. Throughout the week, participants received vital training on innovative strategies, and responsible practices to accelerate the development of their businesses and contribute to a sustainable and flourishing tourism industry in Kenya. The week-long event had 2-hour sessions daily.

The event commenced with Chebet Cheruiyot, the Value Chain Lead at E4Impact Foundation-Kenya, leading a session on “creating a great customer experience.” Participants learned about the importance of delivering exceptional customer service to boost satisfaction and encourage customer loyalty. Next, Angela Njehia, the co-founder and Director at Tieranjanni Africa Ltd, guided participants in “unlocking effective product and service marketing.” Participants explored innovative and responsible marketing strategies to differentiate their offerings in the competitive tourism landscape.

Financial management was a key focus during Lynnet Kamonde’s session on “effective money management.” The Finance & Administrations Officer, of Ecotourism Kenya facilitated the significance of financial planning, budgeting, and money management. Edwin Magio, Community Enterprise Development Officer at Ecotourism Kenya took charge of the “small business leadership” session, providing invaluable guidance on effective leadership skills. The week concluded with Mercy Onyango’s session. She is the Assistant Camp Manager at Leopard Hill Camp who trained on “action planning for positive change.” Participants assessed their businesses and developed action plans for positive change.

The response from our training sessions was incredibly positive, showing that our CBTEs Engagement Week was truly transformative for all participants. The knowledge gained and connections formed during the event are expected to have a lasting impact on the growth and sustainability of the CBTEs that participated. This successful event reaffirms our dedication to empowering the ever-expanding CBTEs. We are excited and look forward to empowering more CBTEs, both virtually and on-site.

By embracing innovative solutions like online training, CBTEs can have a transformative learning experience. This equips them with essential skills, knowledge, and tools, ultimately leading to resilience, growth, and a positive influence on local economies and cultural heritage.

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