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We are excited to announce a captivating new photography challenge that will immerse us in the
rich tapestry of culinary heritage and traditions.
Theme: ‘Kienyeji Halisi; Relishing Indigenous Food

Indigenous foods are plant and animal-based foods that are naturally existing and produced in
specific locations. We would like to appreciate these foods characteristic of certain regions.

This challenge is gearing up toward the upcoming Food for Thought Festival which Wanderlust
Diaries in partnership with other organizations has curated and its mission is to preserve and
strengthen the food culture of each county in Kenya while presenting it to the public. Throughout
the course of this event, participants will be given a chance to learn from one another and
understand cultural differences and similarities. “Food For Thought Festival” isn’t just a weekend
to devour delicious food – although that is unquestionably one of the best things about it! The
festival’s packed program of talks, debates, workshops, and community events, aims to reach far
beyond the weekend itself, challenging us all to question what good food means, where it comes
from, and how it impacts our health and the planet. The festival is more than an eating
extravaganza. It seeks to educate and inform on the cultural aspects of Kenyan food. Moreover, it
invites us to think more about how and what we eat.

We invite you to participate and capture the essence of these delectable creations through your
mobile phone in the 3rd Conscious Traveler Photography Challenge. You hold the power to capture the visual appeal and cultural stories behind traditional foods from
your travel memories. We encourage you to delve into your cultural roots or explore new culinary
landscapes to capture the spirit of indigenous cuisine.

Submission Requirements:
1. Photographs must focus on traditional foods from any culture or region in Kenya.
2. Images should showcase the unique aesthetics, ingredients, cooking techniques, or cultural
rituals associated with the traditional food.
3. Submissions should be taken using a mobile phone.
4. Deadline: 11th August 2023, 12 A.M.
5. Image format; jpeg. jpg, png. File size; Max 3 MBs
6. Number of Entries: Maximum of 4 photos
7. To submit your entries, please upload your photos here, with the
entries named as FirstnameSurname_Entry number e.g., JohnKamau_Entry1

Prizes and Recognition:
A judging panel will select the winners. The winner will be gifted a
fantastic prize. They will also be publicized online for Ecotourism Kenya
and Wanderlust Diaries Limited.

We cannot wait to witness the multitude of flavors, colors, and stories that will be shared through
this photography challenge.

Let us embark on this culinary journey together, exploring the world one indigenous dish at a time.

Winner of the challenge- Chef Ben Soit. Congratulations!


Kindly reach out to us to receive your prize- 0726366080.

We appreciate all who participated in the challenge :)

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Ecotourism Kenya and Wanderlust Diaries Limited are issuing the second photography challenge that you can participate in!

We will be joining the World Environment Day 2023 commemoration. The photography challenge revolves around the theme of ‘Creative Solutions to Plastic Pollution- Celebrating Changemakers.’ e goal is to capture inspiring and innovative solutions to the problem of plastic pollution and to showcase individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact in this area.

We would like to identify, appreciate and encourage new ways to address plastic waste management not only in the tourism and hospitality sector but also in other sectors. Through this challenge, we hope to;

-raise awareness on plastic waste management.

-promote behavior and mindset change towards plastic waste management.

-discover alternative ways of repurposing used plastic.

-encourage initiatives that work on plastic waste.


  1. The Photography Challenge is open to Kenyans.
  2. Device: a smartphone.
  3. Social media platforms to upload: Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Use the hashtags #ConsciousTraveler #WorldEnvironmentDay
  5. Tag Wanderlust Diaries Limited and Ecotourism Kenya.
  6. Caption your photo.
  7. Indicate when the photo was taken.
  8. The submitted photo should showcase recycled/upcycled plastic items or plastic being recycled or upcycled. You can capture any stage of plastic waste management.



Have you seen repurposed plastic items or witnessed the recycling/upcycling of plastic? Do you undertake recycling/upcycling of plastic?

The most liked photo will receive an amazing prize!

Kindly seek consent if taking photos of people.

Submit your photo and stand a chance to win!




The winner of the challenge is Nzilani Liz.

She joined the challenge and posted on her Instagram sharing short and simple call to action to #EndPlasticPollution

We thank all who submitted their entries and showed us their #SolutionstoPlasticPollution.

Let’s accelerate efforts to completely #BeatPlasticPollution