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We are pleased to announce that the nomination process for the Executive Committee Members is now open. As a valued member, we invite you to participate in this important process by nominating candidates you believe will provide exceptional leadership and contribute to the continued success of Ecotourism Kenya.

Criteria for Nominations:

To ensure a diverse and effective Board, we are looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. Commitment and Dedication: Be an Ecotourism Kenya member. Demonstrated commitment and dedication to the mission and values of Ecotourism Kenya; and willing to invest the necessary time and effort for the organization’s activities including meetings.
  2. Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with the tourism sector to allow for better insights and more effective governance.
  3. Strong Leadership & governance: A person with a strong leadership ability to support the organization’s initiatives and influence positive change.
  4. Networking Skills: Strong connections and the ability to leverage a network for the organization’s benefit.
  5. Resource Mobilization: Strong organizational development, communication and prospecting skills to support sustainable growth for the organization.

How to Nominate:

Please submit your nominations by Wednesday 19th June 2024 at 12 noon to the Ag. CEO ceo@ecotourismkenya.org with a copy to pr@ecotourismkenya.org.

Each nomination should include:

  1. a) The nominee’s full name and contact information
  2. b) A brief statement (250-500 words) outlining the nominee’s qualifications and why they would be a valuable addition to the Board
  3. c) The nominee’s resume or CV

We highly encourage you to consider individuals who not only have the required skills and experience but also bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds that will enhance the strategic direction of Ecotourism Kenya.

Non- Ecotourism Kenya members are encouraged to apply. If selected, they will be required to be members.

Thank you for your continued support of Ecotourism Kenya.

We are gearing up for the Ecotourism Kenya Sustainable Tourism Forum 2024! (ESTF 2024)
Theme: Accelerating the Shift Towards Sustainable Tourism.
Dates: 20th -21st June 2024
Venue: Tamarind Tree Hotel, Nairobi

We are honoured to welcome key guests who will be part of this momentous occasion; the Keynote Speaker- Dr. Rose Mwebaza, Regional Director and Representative, Regional Office for Africa at the United Nations Environment Programme and the Chief Guest- Hon. John Ololtuaa, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife.

Members of the panels are;
1. Joanne Ndirangu- Founder and Director, Scout Group Agency
2. Muthuri Kinyamu- Co-founder, Accessible Travel Kenya
3. Linda Okolo- Business Support Executive ECAF Kenya Airways.
4. David Rubia- Programme Management Officer, UNEP Regional Office for Africa
5. Pracksidis Wandera- Administration and Events, Sustainable Inclusive Business Program-KEPSA
6. Nelson Muiru- Director, Kijabe Environment Volunteers
7. Susan Jepkemoi- Chief Executive Officer, Baringo County Conservancies Association
8. Allister Lindsay- Tourism Consultant Director, North Rangelands Trust Trading
9. David Gitonga- Ag. Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Research Institute
10. Dr. Mohanjeet Brar- Managing Director of Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps and Co-founder of Earthacre
11. Andrew Machora- Resource Mobilization Manager, National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND)
12. Ms. Sally Nduta- CEO, United Disabled Persons of Kenya
13. Dickson Kaelo- CEO, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association
14. Lynnet Kamonde- Ag. CEO Ecotourism Kenya

The forum will take full effect in 6 sessions:

  • Choosing Climate-Conscious Tourism, Towards Climate-Friendly Journeys
    o Moderator – Jane Kahata, Environment and Natural Resources Management Expert
  • Green Hospitality: Setting the Bar for Sustainability Certification in the Hospitality Sector
    o Moderator -Dr. John Wandaka, Environmental Management & Sustainable Tourism Consultant
  •  The Current State of Sustainable Tourism in Kenya.
    o Moderator -Dr. Esther Kagure, Director Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management– Eastern Africa (GTRCMC-EA)
  • Creating Accessible and Inclusive Travel Experiences for People with Disabilities
    o Moderator -Elly Munoru, Social Entrepreneur & Disability Advocacy Champion
  • The Role of Community-Based Tourism Enterprises in Promoting Sustainable Tourism Development
    o Moderator -Angela Njehia, Director & Co-Founder Tierranjani Africa Ltd
  • Leveraging Green Financing for Environmental Conservation & Economic Prosperity
    o Moderator -Edith Alusa, Executive Director Upper Tana Nairobi Water Fund Trust

Get in on this opportunity to learn, connect, and share thoughts and ideas with industry leaders.
Delegate Charges;
1 1/2 days: EK Member; Kshs. 9,000 Non-Member; Kshs. 12,000
1 day: EK Member; Kshs. 5,000 Non-Member: Kshs. 6,500

Register here:

Exhibitor Charges; Ksh. 30,000. Reach out to Peter at research@ecotourismkenya.org

Don’t miss out!

Get ready to dive into the world of sustainable tourism at Ecotourism Kenya’s Sustainable Tourism Forum 2024. Follow this breezy registration guide to snag your spot!
THEME: Accelerating the Shift Towards Sustainable Tourism
DATES: 20th-21st June 2024
VENUE: Tamarind Tree Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

Make your way to ecotourismkenya.org/estf/registration. Click, register, and you’re on your way to secure your spot at the forum!

The forum ticket prices are listed above the registration fields.
Fill in the preliminary contact information details. We promise not to spam you (only with eco-goodness)! Click Next.


Click Add Delegate. Yes, your distinguishedness is a delegate. Fill in the deets(details) of the delegates that will be attending. – name, Ecotourism Kenya membership status, age(optional), food allergies and all that jazz. Click ‘Add Delegate’ to submit the information.
You can include information for your colleague(s), by selecting ‘Add Delegate’ again.

Let us know of anything that you would like to share or inquire about the forum. This section is not compulsory.
Click Next.

Give your details a once-over to ensure the total amount is rightly reflected, then hit that magical confirm button. Select the mode of payment; either MPESA or Bank Transfer.

MPESA Payment
Click ‘Mpesa- Buy Goods’ option for the payment details to show.
Process the payment and enter the Mpesa code. Click the Submit Registration button.

Bank Payment Option
Select the Bank Transfer for the details on payment to show. Click the Submit Registration button.

Congrats! Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Can’t wait to see you at ESTF 2024!

Got stuck somewhere?
Reach out for assistance
admin@ecotourismkenya.org, +254 726 366 080

Thanks for hopping aboard the ESTF-express!

A strategic investment in securing the success and resilience of the hotel business.

Sustainability certification for hotels is an evaluation framework that assesses a hotel’s commitment to adopting and practicing environmentally responsible and socially conscious practices. They define and guide an establishment’s progress toward achieving sustainable practices. They measure and verify their efforts through set standards and criteria that align with environmental and socio-economic aspects. Verification is done by auditors over some time. Some of the aspects they look into include resource efficiency, environmental impact, continuous impact, consumer and staff education, local community engagement, etc.

There are two different types of certifications regarding hotels:

  1. Environmental certifications for the hotel’s construction; materials used, location on land, etc. Examples EDGE, NEMA, etc.
  2. Sustainability Certifications for how a hotel is operated; looks at processes, materials used, relations with stakeholders, etc. Examples include Ecorating Certification, Green Key Global, Earth Check, B-Corp, and Travelife, among others. Each has its personalized methods of standards and criteria.

Sand River Camp- Gold Ecorated Facility

The Role of Sustainability Certification for Hotels

  1. Meeting Tourist Demand

Travelers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability when making travel decisions. 80% of travelers confirm that traveling more sustainably is important to them according to Booking.com’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023. A growing number of consumers prefer hotels that demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Sustainability certification provides a clear signal to potential guests that a hotel aligns with their values.

2. Lucrative Competitive Advantage

In a competitive hospitality industry, sustainability certification sets a hotel apart from its competitors. It becomes a unique selling point that can attract environmentally conscious travelers seeking accommodation options that reflect their commitment to sustainable living.

3. Enhancing Reputation and Brand Image

Sustainability certification contributes to building a positive brand image for hotels. Guests and partners are more likely to choose hotels with a reputation for responsible and ethical business practices. 65% of respondents from Booking.com’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023 would feel better about staying in a particular accommodation if they knew it had a sustainable certification or label. Positive associations with sustainability can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Many sustainability initiatives recommended by certification programs are designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce resource consumption. Implementing energy-efficient practices, waste reduction, and water conservation not only benefit the environment but also lead to cost savings for the hotel in the long run.

Elephant Pepper Camp- Gold Ecorated Facility

5. Active Community Engagement

Sustainability certification often includes criteria related to a hotel’s engagement with local communities. This can involve supporting local businesses, preserving cultural heritage, and contributing to the well-being of the community. Positive community engagement can foster goodwill and positive relationships with local stakeholders.

6. Increase Risk Mitigation

Sustainability certification can help hotels mitigate risks associated with environmental and social issues. By proactively addressing these concerns, hotels reduce the likelihood of negative publicity, legal issues, or damage to their reputation. This provides a good level of assurance to investors and partners.

7. Encourages sustainable consumption and production

Sustainability certification encourages hotels to adopt responsible tourism practices. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement and incentivizes the industry to explore new ways to operate sustainably, contributing to broader environmental and social goals. 66% of respondents from Booking.com’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023 say they want to leave the places they visit better than when they arrived.

Explore the Ecorating Certification

The Ecorating Certification Program run by Ecotourism Kenya, is a leading authority in the realm of sustainable certifications for hotels, providing a comprehensive framework to assess and validate your commitment to environmental responsibility. As the pioneer and the longest-standing initiative of its kind in the East Africa region, the Ecorating Certification has been instrumental in advancing the sustainability endeavors of renowned hotels such as Mara Serena Safari Lodge, Basecamp Explorer Kenya, and Saruni Camps, among others.

See more Ecorated facilities.

Consider the Ecorating Certification as a strategic move that can significantly elevate your hotel’s commitment to environmental responsibility and distinguish it within the competitive hospitality landscape.

Request an information pack on the certification program here.

About Ecotourism Kenya:

Ecotourism Kenya is a non-profit organization committed to promoting responsible tourism practices that contribute to environmental conservation, community development, and economic growth.

Visit here to learn more about our work.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we are seeking passionate and experienced individuals to join our various technical committees. By joining us, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of Ecotourism Kenya and your involvement will be instrumental in achieving our shared goals in supporting sustainable tourism practices in Kenya. The various open technical committees are:
1. Standards & Best Practices Committee
2. Finance & Administration Committee
3. Research, Development & Advocacy Committee
4. Community Development and Outreach Committee
5. Membership & Events Committee
6. PR, Marketing & Communication Committee

• Strong commitment to community engagement and sustainable practices
• Proven experience and expertise in the relevant technical committee.
• Someone committed and willing to actively participate in the activities of the
committee. (e.g., attend all meetings, participate in discussions, etc.).

How to Apply:
Interested members are invited to submit their expression of interest and a brief profile outlining their relevant experience in line with the technical committee of their choice to admin@ecotourismkenya.org  Cc programs@ecotourismkenya.org
Deadline for expression of interest: 19th January 2024

Important note:
The open positions do not attract any remuneration.
The terms of reference (ToR) for each technical committee will be shared with the shortlisted candidates only.
The positions are open to paid-up members of EK. However, non-members interested in joining any of the technical committees are encouraged to apply and pay for membership first before expressing their interest.

We are excited to announce a captivating new photography challenge that will immerse us in the
rich tapestry of culinary heritage and traditions.
Theme: ‘Kienyeji Halisi; Relishing Indigenous Food

Indigenous foods are plant and animal-based foods that are naturally existing and produced in
specific locations. We would like to appreciate these foods characteristic of certain regions.

This challenge is gearing up toward the upcoming Food for Thought Festival which Wanderlust
Diaries in partnership with other organizations has curated and its mission is to preserve and
strengthen the food culture of each county in Kenya while presenting it to the public. Throughout
the course of this event, participants will be given a chance to learn from one another and
understand cultural differences and similarities. “Food For Thought Festival” isn’t just a weekend
to devour delicious food – although that is unquestionably one of the best things about it! The
festival’s packed program of talks, debates, workshops, and community events, aims to reach far
beyond the weekend itself, challenging us all to question what good food means, where it comes
from, and how it impacts our health and the planet. The festival is more than an eating
extravaganza. It seeks to educate and inform on the cultural aspects of Kenyan food. Moreover, it
invites us to think more about how and what we eat.

We invite you to participate and capture the essence of these delectable creations through your
mobile phone in the 3rd Conscious Traveler Photography Challenge. You hold the power to capture the visual appeal and cultural stories behind traditional foods from
your travel memories. We encourage you to delve into your cultural roots or explore new culinary
landscapes to capture the spirit of indigenous cuisine.

Submission Requirements:
1. Photographs must focus on traditional foods from any culture or region in Kenya.
2. Images should showcase the unique aesthetics, ingredients, cooking techniques, or cultural
rituals associated with the traditional food.
3. Submissions should be taken using a mobile phone.
4. Deadline: 11th August 2023, 12 A.M.
5. Image format; jpeg. jpg, png. File size; Max 3 MBs
6. Number of Entries: Maximum of 4 photos
7. To submit your entries, please upload your photos here, with the
entries named as FirstnameSurname_Entry number e.g., JohnKamau_Entry1

Prizes and Recognition:
A judging panel will select the winners. The winner will be gifted a
fantastic prize. They will also be publicized online for Ecotourism Kenya
and Wanderlust Diaries Limited.

We cannot wait to witness the multitude of flavors, colors, and stories that will be shared through
this photography challenge.

Let us embark on this culinary journey together, exploring the world one indigenous dish at a time.

Winner of the challenge- Chef Ben Soit. Congratulations!


Kindly reach out to us to receive your prize- 0726366080.

We appreciate all who participated in the challenge :)

#kienyejihalisi #conscioustraveler

Ecotourism Kenya and Wanderlust Diaries Limited are issuing the second photography challenge that you can participate in!

We will be joining the World Environment Day 2023 commemoration. The photography challenge revolves around the theme of ‘Creative Solutions to Plastic Pollution- Celebrating Changemakers.’ e goal is to capture inspiring and innovative solutions to the problem of plastic pollution and to showcase individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact in this area.

We would like to identify, appreciate and encourage new ways to address plastic waste management not only in the tourism and hospitality sector but also in other sectors. Through this challenge, we hope to;

-raise awareness on plastic waste management.

-promote behavior and mindset change towards plastic waste management.

-discover alternative ways of repurposing used plastic.

-encourage initiatives that work on plastic waste.


  1. The Photography Challenge is open to Kenyans.
  2. Device: a smartphone.
  3. Social media platforms to upload: Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Use the hashtags #ConsciousTraveler #WorldEnvironmentDay
  5. Tag Wanderlust Diaries Limited and Ecotourism Kenya.
  6. Caption your photo.
  7. Indicate when the photo was taken.
  8. The submitted photo should showcase recycled/upcycled plastic items or plastic being recycled or upcycled. You can capture any stage of plastic waste management.



Have you seen repurposed plastic items or witnessed the recycling/upcycling of plastic? Do you undertake recycling/upcycling of plastic?

The most liked photo will receive an amazing prize!

Kindly seek consent if taking photos of people.

Submit your photo and stand a chance to win!




The winner of the challenge is Nzilani Liz.

She joined the challenge and posted on her Instagram sharing short and simple call to action to #EndPlasticPollution

We thank all who submitted their entries and showed us their #SolutionstoPlasticPollution.

Let’s accelerate efforts to completely #BeatPlasticPollution


Ecotourism Kenya and Wanderlust Diaries are collaboratively running a social media campaign dubbed The Conscious Traveller. The goal of the campaign is to create awareness of responsible travel best practices and to highlight best practices that travellers can take note of while in a destination or on a trip.

The awareness creation campaign is complemented with a monthly photography challenge set to run from 1st – 15th April 2022 at 12 A.M. The theme of this month’s challenge is Museums: Our Future In The Past. Supporting partners of this initiative are the National Museums of Kenya and Kenya Climate Change Innovation Centre.


Did you know that Kenya has 20 Museums and several other prehistoric sites, monuments, and world heritage sites? Find out more on https://www.museums.or.ke/  Museums are known to treasure and preserve history. Some might underestimate the potential museums hold as unique tourist destinations despite their knowledge offer on culture and heritage. Additionally, museums offer memorable experiences as one gets to spend meaningful time with their selves and/or loved ones.

Visit a museum near you and join The Conscious Traveller Photography Challenge!



Theme: Museums. Our Future In The Past.

Eligibility: Open to Kenyans and Kenyan residents

Device: A smartphone

Photo requirements: Photos to be saved as .png, .jpeg, .jpg (other formats will not be allowed)

Entries: Maximum of 4 photos per individual

Submission channel: info@ecotourismkenya.org, Email subject to read ‘Photo challenge 2022 A’

Include your full name, age, the date when the photo(s) were taken, the type of phone used, and a short caption. Let the caption be a sentence of 20 words maximum.

Open submission date: 1st April 2022

Submission closes on: 15th April 2022 at 12 A.M.



  • If you take pictures of other travelers, kindly obtain consent before submitting.
  • All photos must not have been used in past challenges/competitions.
  • Submitted photos cannot be used in subsequent challenges.


See the winner, George Munala: