The Era of Young Sustainable Tourism Ambassadors!


In the spirit of realizing the role of youths in promoting sustainability in tourism, the Standards and Best Practice Program of Ecotourism Kenya trained six students on the Travelife Certification for 2 days (13th and 14th May 2019). The selection and recruitment was done in collaboration with the Leadership and Mentorship Program of Ecotourism Kenya.

The students were given specific job descriptions and tasks pertaining to integrating sustainability in an organization. Completion of the Travelife Report to Partner level is one of the sustainability ambassador’s key deliverables.

The six have been placed as in-house sustainability ambassadors for host tour operators to support their engagement with Travelife and also get some industry experience. This initiative in line with GREENTOUR Project objective of integrating Sustainable Consumption and Production Practices within Kenya’s tour operators.

Ecotourism Kenya is glad to be part of team working tirelessly to promote sustainability in tourism and it shall be an honour to see the whole tourism industry in Kenya embrace responsible practices.



Compiled by: EK Project Team


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