As a matter of fact, tourism industry is both the most vulnerable and in some way the least prepared to manage the risks of disease outbreaks. Guess what, after this wind passes, everyone will want to step out and reconnect with nature in a more sensible and cautious way. They will want to travel to destinations that will renew and restore their minds, bodies and hearts. They will want to take a tour with your company. So it’s time to look into how we move from here.

Take this relatively “low season” to build an unbreakable success wall for your business:

By committing to the following simple steps:

  1. Are you part of the Green Tour Project business coaching program?

Your coach is more than available to support you online, this is the time to complete that export marketing plan – Better Days are coming.

  1. Are you actively reporting on the Travelife online platform for your company’s commitment to sustainability as a tour operator?

Take advantage of this time – progress to that Travelife level you desire to attain. Become PARTNER; better yet, let ambition and positivity guide you to attain the prestigious CERTIFIED status – your competitive advantage on sustainability matters is incomparable.

3. Are you thinking of closing down?DON’T DO IT!

When things get tough, the tough gets going. This is the time to stretch that muscle and evaluate how resilient your business can be. This situation is an eye opener for the future – build a resilient tourism business by developing an adaptation plan for your company.

  1. Are you working from home or totally nothing is going on?

This is the time to review your itineraries, products and services and strategize on how to diversify and innovatively improve them for quality visitor experience.

  1. Are you synergizing with others or you are sailing alone?

This is the time to realize the truth in the unity of the industry by working together with the government, industry stakeholders and the local communities where the destinations are. This is the way to contribute to destinations’ recovery, prosperity of your businesses and healing of the people.


Safety First!

Recovery Next :)


The RECOVERY phase from the COVID-19 Pandemic needs us all for it to be successful.


EK Project Team

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