Webinar Alert! Conservation and Tourism Linkages

Kenya Tourism Federation Webinar

Topic: Tourism now and looking ahead – Conservation and Tourism Linkages

Date: Wednesday 10th June 2020

Time: Starting at 2:30 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastating effects in the tourism industry at both global, regional and local levels. Conservation and community elements that have been inextricably linked to tourism for many years are now under threat as a result of these unprecedented events. It is on this background that Kenya Tourism Federation has organized a webinar focusing on the topics briefly described below;

Broad overview of conservation in Kenya

The importance of conservation to tourism cannot be overstated. Kenya is endowed with breathtaking rangelands, which are home to a wide array of wildlife such as lion, elephant and rhino among others. Every year, Kenya receives thousands of guests who come to see these wildlife species, generating revenue for our economy. Part of the revenue generated helps in management of the protected areas such as national parks and conservancies. It is important to understand the overview of Kenya’s protected area system and its linkages with private and community lands, costs of wildlife conservation and the challenges of financing conservation during and post-COVID period.

Linking conservation, communities and tourism

Tourism has always played a critical role in community development by diversifying and boosting local economies in some of Kenya’s most marginalized areas. At the same time, local communities have leased lands, increasing the wildlife habitat and maintaining the ecosystem integrity. This webinar therefore provides an opportunity to understand the genesis of conservancies and current stages of evolution, contribution of tourism to conservation outside Kenya’s Protected Area System, socio-economic development of communities living with wildlife and challenges affecting sustainability of conservancies. In addition, it will also provide thoughts on the way forward and priority actions that various actors need to implement to strengthen the conservancy management model, as well as the future of conservancies during and post COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19 on safari guiding

Tour guides have been at the heart of safaris in our tourism destinations for many years, combining their experience, passion and commitment to responsible tourism to create memorable safari experiences for guests. This topic will therefore provide more insights on the role of safari guides on tourism and conservation, impact of COVID-19 pandemic on tour guiding businesses, and address the way forward with regard to safari guiding.

Implementation of the Single use Plastic Ban in Protected Areas

Following the coming into effect of the ban on single use plastic in protected areas such as National Parks, beaches and forests, tourism operators are all required to comply. This topic will address the negative impacts of single use plastic in protected areas, categories of single-use plastics that are subject to the ban and sustainable alternative solutions that businesses can adopt in their operations.

As the world adjusts to life in lockdowns, these topics are crucial in ensuring sustainability in the tourism and hospitality industry not only in the present but also in the future. It is therefore our hope that you will be part of this important conversation.

Register here – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2SiYdsZyQOip8WpoohBfyQ


Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Launches Virtual Tourism

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, Najib Balala on June 2nd 2020, officially launched a virtual Safari live stream campaign to showcase game safaris in some parks and reserves across the country. The campaign will go on for six weeks across the country and will be part of the ongoing Magic Awaits campaign led by the Kenya Tourism Board.

“This venture which begins here at the Nairobi National Park will allow us to document our diverse wildlife in the National Parks and game reserves, thrilling adventures, beautiful lodges, and unique cultures and conservation projects that Kenya has become world-famous for. We shall be live streaming and sharing this content every week to bring Kenya to Kenyans and to the world at large,” CS Najib Balala said.

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