AquaVita Partners with Ecotourism Kenya for 2019 Eco-Warrior Award


AquaVita has partnered with Ecotourism Kenya for this year’s Eco-warrior awards by being the sole provider of plastic-free water solutions. The awards which seek to recognize organizations, businesses, and individuals that are promoting green jobs and the green economy will be held on 26th September at the Nairobi Serena Hotel.

The partnership is aimed at raising awareness among the tourism industry stakeholders on the need to reduce plastic pollution, promote sustainability, conserve and protect the ecosystem. This is part of the wider efforts Ecotourism Kenya has been taking to manage and reduce the Industries environmental impact. “We are very happy with the steps Ecotourism Kenya has been taking to encourage sustainability in terms of tourism practices”, Barack Odhuno, COO Aquavita. “We are thrilled to continue this sustainability journey and help minimize the industries plastic footprint by providing alternatives to plastic bottles.”

The focus of the 2019 Eco Warrior Award is on four main categories that have been carefully selected to exemplify how tourism creates significant economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits on local people and places. The categories include:

  1. Change Makers Category- It involves actions, projects, initiatives, best practices or campaigns inclined towards promoting and influencing natural and cultural environment preservation, and restoration. The category is open to individuals may include Journalists, Safari guides, bloggers & students
  2. Green Tour Champions – Involves a demonstration of best practices in responsible production and consumption of resources linked to SDG 12
  3. Social impact Category – This category seeks to recognize tourism organizations that mobilize resources to eradicate poverty, implement social protection systems, support local community investments, enterprises and create jobs for local communities linked to SDG 1
  4. Promoting Decent Work & Reducing Inequalities at the workplace – This category is linked to SDG 8 and 10. It involves reducing inequalities (internally) within the business or organization by ensuring equal opportunities and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive employment and decent work for all.

 Applications are now closed and the judging process is ongoing for long-listed applicants. Interested individuals can get their tickets for the Eco-warrior award gala dinner here

Link to AquaVita website HERE


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