We are delighted to announce the shortlist of nominees for the upcoming Eco Warrior Award Ceremony, centred on the theme “Sustainable Tourism: A Brighter Future for People, Planet & Profit.” The theme envisions a future where tourism activities benefit everyone involved while also safeguarding the earth’s natural and cultural treasures for generations to come.

This year’s nominees have demonstrated exceptional commitment to sustainable practices, showcasing their dedication to creating a better future through responsible tourism. The esteemed panel of judges carefully reviewed all the nominations making the judging process both credible and inspiring. As a result, we are proud to present the following finalists in each category:

  1. Ahnasa Destinations.
  2. Air Kenya.
  3. Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology.
  4. Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge.
  5. Anthony Ochieng.
  6. Asilia Kenya Limited.
  7. Basecamp Maasai Mara. *2
  8. Belinda Smetana.
  9. Beulah Hills – Beulah Gardens Mbulia.
  10. Dibblex Soiyantet.
  11. Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp.
  12. Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp.
  13. Elewana Tortilis Camp Amboseli.
  14. Emboo River Camp.
  15. Entumoto Safari Camp.
  16. Governors’ Camp Collection.
  17. Intrepid DMC East Africa. *2
  18. Isaac Mwangi.
  19. John Lesinko.
  20. Kampur Travel Diaries.
  21. Kenya Utalii College.
  22. Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge.
  23. Leopard Hill.
  24. Let’s Go Travel. *3
  25. Mallayka Lanna.
  26. Mara Naboisho Conservancy.
  27. Mara Serena Safari Lodge.
  28. Mark Miano.
  29. Mugie Conservancy. *2
  30. Nevil Agesa.
  31. Newton Kongo.
  32. Ngare Ndare Forest Trust.
  33. Sarova Lionhill Game Lodge.
  34. Saruni Rhino.
  35. Serena Beach Resort and Spa. *2
  36. Shirley Akinyi.
  37. Stacey Ngina.
  38. Tembea Make an Impact.

*Indicates an applicant has been shortlisted in more than one subcategory.

These finalists represent excellence in the world of sustainable tourism, embodying the values of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the shortlisted nominees.

The winners in each category will be announced at the Eco Warrior Award Gala Dinner on the 26th of October 2023. We invite you to join us in celebrating these remarkable organizations and individuals who are supporting to pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. Sustainable tourism is not just a concept; it is a powerful force for positive change.

Stay tuned for updates on the gala event and secure your tickets to be a part of this inspiring evening.

The charges for the event are as follows;

Per person: Members: KES 6,500 | Per table of 10: Members: KES 60,000

Per person: Non-members: KES 7,500 | Per table of 10: Non-members: KES 70,000

Get your tickets here.

Dress code: Green and Gold.


Together, we can continue to champion sustainability in tourism and shape a brighter future for all.


Lynnet Kamonde

Ag. Chief Executive Officer

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