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We invite you to become a member of our organization! Besides the satisfaction of supporting environmental conservation activities, you also benefit from the following:

  • Free weekely  e-shots: Regular communication to our members, this enables them make responsible choices in their areas of operations through newsletters, e-shots, and regular updates through the website
  • Free Listing on EK Website, Members Guide & Green Dirctory: EK Corporate, CBO and Eco-Rated facilities are profiled on the EK Website. Corporate are provided with log in credentials to update their profiles.
  • Free Naturals Magazine: Institution members are issued with a free copy of EKs Quarterly magazine that has special feature reports and news relating the industry
  • Free Corporate Certificate or Membership Card: Institution members are issued with a membership certificate that acknowledges that they are EK members, while individuals are issued with membership cards.
  • Free Access to Teaching and Training Resource: the resource center that has a wealth of books and other publications that can advance the members knowledge of responsible tourism and conservation practices
  • Free Promotion through EKs Publications: by participating in local and international trade fairs and events we educate the public by highlighting responsible tourism practices available and the benefits to the industry and to the national economy; through our Green Directory and the Ecotourism Guide which have been distributed through KTB at the major international tourism exhibitions
  • Use of EK Emblem: Corporate members are issued with a distinct membership emblem which they incorporate into their website and also on their marketing materials,
  • Members Rate admission to EK Monthly Talks and Lectures: Corporate members are provided access to network and share information on pertinent issues affecting the industry through our monthly talks.
  • Discounted Rates at EK’s Annual Ecotourism Conference and Gala Dinner: we organize trainings, seminars, eco-talks and biennial conferences for members to network and share information and use the resultant knowledge to better their responsible practices.
  • Free Consultancy: We have the information that institutions require to facilitate them in carrying out research in ecotourism
  • Annual EK Visit: In order to build the capacity of our corporate members staff, EK will be visit the corporate organization to engage staff and management on issues relating to ecotourism
  • Advocacy: where we engage the government on behalf of our members through our umbrella body – Kenya Tourism Federation
  • Networking Opportunities: By participating in our events, members are able to network with other EK members and stakeholders in the industry
  • Free Publishing on EK Magazine: Institution members are given free publishing access to EKs Magazine
  • Attachment and Internship Opportunities: Through EKs Leadership and Mentorship Program Institution are able to engage in EKs Leadership and Mentorship program where they are able to provide hands on Experience to EK Student members
  • Full voting rights: Institution members have full voting rights within the organization such as nominating and selecting board members

Being a membership organisation, enjoys a global-wide reach. According to leading global web analytics websites, had 1,852,040 hits in the last 3 months. We have over 200 affiliate websites linking in. We have over 500 registered members and spreading to other interested travellers and eco-tourism enthusiasts.

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Please address your membership inquiries to:

The Membership Officer Ecotourism Kenya
P.O Box 10146 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 2574059/726366080