• Group photo taken on 29th November 2018 during the Tour Operators Sustainability Training held at Utalii Hotel, Nairobi.

  • GreenTour Kenya Capacity Building with Destination Managers

    Kenya Tourism Board Sustainable Destination Branding & Communications Training in collaboration with GTRCMC-EA

  • Official presentation of the Tourism Sustainability in Kenya White Paper to Tourism Regulatory Authority

  • Online skills development session on sustainability.

  • GreenTour Kenya project representatives in Il Ngwesi Eco-Lodge for a project visit.

About the project

Global trends of consumers and tourists are demanding socially and environmentally responsible products, particularly in eco sensitive destinations such as Africa.  In over saturated safari tourism markets throughout the continent, local brands and businesses are becoming more competitive to win market share.

A business with demonstrated policies and procedures, independently verified and audited by Internationally recognized certification schemes gives companies a competitive advantage while increasing their operational efficiencies, saving money and leaving a more positive impact on the communities and regions they operate in.


Providing guidance, support and best practices to African tourism companies to adapt and replicate a globally proven sustainable consumption products supply chain methodologies.

Increased implementation of best eco and socially r esponsible practices among African tour operators, accommodation providers and their suppliers. (i.e. accommodation, safari guides, activity providers)

Marketable sustainable tourism products, strengthening business and destination promotion between International buyers and African suppliers.

Positive Impacts

Addressing sustainability leads to the conservation of natural resources, protection of cultural heritage & community development. Sustainable certifications not only provide opportunities for brands who engage, market wide adoption rate in each region provides competitive destination marketing advantages.

Project Partners

Green Tour Kenya is a European Commission funded project under the Switch Africa Green Programme Phase II In collaboration with:

  • European Centre for Eco Agro Tourism (ECEAT)
  • Ecotourism Kenya (EK)
  • Kenyan Association of Tour Operators (KATO)
  • Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA)
  • Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)

The project officially concluded it’s life cycle in 2022.


Project details

Overall objective: Promote sustainability in tourism: social responsible and sustainable products (less polluting / more resource efficient) and sustainable consumption (purchase of eco/responsible products and more sustainable lifestyles).

Specific objectives: Supporting Kenyan tourism companies to adapt and replicate proven SCP supply chain methodologies leading to

1) increased application of eco and social responsible practices among SME Tour operators and their suppliers and

2) Strengthened sustainable tourism supply chain, business and institutional cooperation between Europe and Africa, and within Africa.

3) Common tested supply chain models and instruments providing high replication potential.

1. 250+ KATO tour operators, representing 90% of the market, will be targeted and supported in implementing ECP policies in their office operations and supply chains.

2. 800+ key suppliers (e.g. accommodations, driver guides, transport companies, excursion providers) of 100+ committed tour operators will be motivated and expected to comply with improved SCP environmental and social practices.

3. Tourism associations will be supported to help their 10.000+ SME members on implementing ECP.

1. Upscaling Kenya tour operator standards; a CSR management / reporting system and toolbox; innovative carbon calculator; training package development; establish partnerships with Kenya associations; company and local coaches trainings; database with eco-certified suppliers.

2. Export Coaching Programme for 25+ to sustainability committed Kenyan tour operators, including training, coaching and market access activities.

3. Sector wide implementation of CSR standards by Kenyan tour operators; certification of tour operators.

4. Training and motivation of suppliers; integrated sector-wide sustainable suppliers approach. CSR assessment of 800+ suppliers.

5. Consumer market research; communication tools/message development; media campaign and awards programme; active matchmaking within the inter Africa and EU-Africa supply chain.

6. Policy trainings and briefs; develop national multi stakeholder strategy.

7. Dissemination and knowledge transfer to wider African region. EU – Africa meetings and events. Strengthening African co-operation network.

SMEs and business service providers are better equipped to promote and adopt SCP practices and seize green economy opportunities, through:

1. Kenya standards, trainings and tools supporting tour operators and their suppliers towards overall resource efficiency, reduced GHG emissions, poverty alleviation and CSR in the tourism value chains. Kenya tourism associations provide member support services / standards to “green” their members (supply chain).

2. 25+ Kenya tour operators have increased their business and export capacity and their turn-over and employment has increased.

3. SCP management and sustainable supply chain practices are integrated among 100+ Kenya tour operators (50% of the EU-Kenya trade).

4. 800+ Kenya suppliers (SME’s) have improved their SCP practices through supply chain approaches. 50+ additional suppliers eco certified.

5. Committed B2B buyers and B2C consumers led to a growing demand/ share of “green”/ certified products in the EU-Africa/ intra-Africa tourism trade; 5+ million holiday makers reached; “green” destination image for Kenya.

6. Public support policies developed. Local ownership and sustainability obtained through integrated market incentives.

7. African tour operator associations have adapted and implemented SCP policies. African Sustainable Tourism Alliance is strengthened.

Project Flyer

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Online Sustainability Group Coaching

A series of online sustainability group coaching sessions.

The GreenTour Kenya Project  rolled out a series of online sustainability group coaching sessions for cohort 2 starting October, 2021.  Congratulations to all participants of Cohort 1 who begun in April and completed their session in August 2021.

The coaching wass intended to support Kenyan tour operators in implementing sustainable practices and to reach Travelife Partner status. The end goal is to increase the number of tour operators committed to sustainability for the transformation of Kenya’s tourism industry.

Ecotourism Kenya in collaboration with Travelife for Tour Operators  guided tour operating companies through the Travelife Partner report. During the online sessions, the different themes and standards were discussed. We went in-depth; how to comply with the standards and support in implementing new practices.

This coaching program is for you if you…

  • are interested in sustainable tourism development
  • are looking for support to implement sustainability in your tourism business
  • want to learn from other Kenyan tour operators
  • want to reach Travelife Partner status for recognition
  • seek to attain excellence in sustainable operations as a tour operator

At the end of the program, you should:

  • have a clear understanding of sustainable tourism
  • know how to implement sustainability in your business
  • have achieved the Travelife Partner status
  • be recognized as a sustainable tour operator
  • know how to communicate sustainability to your partners and customers

The program was free for tour operators located in Kenya. All the virtual sessions shall be recorded for those who can’t attend all sessions

If interested, kindly apply for this program by completing this registration form.

In case of any questions about the program email research@ecotourismkenya.org or call the office line to speak to Mercy on +254 726 366080

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