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Green Tour Kenya Project was initiated in 2018 as the second phase of Switch Africa Green funding from the European Union.  The Green Tour partnership led by the European Centre for Eco & Agro tourism (ECEAT) and local implementation partners, the Kenya Association of Tour Operators and Ecotourism Kenya, set out to create a socially […]


GreenTour Project (European Union funded under the Switch Africa Green) has been actively engaging CBTOs since 2018. From the inception with three exemplary CBTOS-  Il Ngwesi Lodge, Twala Tenebo Cultural Center, and Ngare Ndare Forest Trust. the project has engaged CBTOs across the country and even beyond. It is worth noting that CBTOs engaged excel […]

Isiolo Drought Relief Response

The World Environment Day celebrated on the 5th of June annually, pushes the campaign of Only One Earth this year. The focus theme is Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature. The theme is urging us to adopt sustainable lifestyles that respect and care for the natural surroundings. This in turn, will attempt to undo or […]

Groundwater: The Precious Invisible Resource

The saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” However, this does not mean the subject of discussion is completely absent. Every year since 1993, 22nd March marks World Water Day when the world celebrates water and raises awareness of the numerous people living without access to safe water. Commemoration of World Water Day is […]

International Mother Language Day 2022

Language and tourism have an essential interconnection following the movement of tourists to destinations across borders. This interconnection is yielded by the remarkable encounters amongst people who speak different languages. The world takes an honorable moment to commemorate The International Mother Language day 2022, on 21st February on the theme “Using technology for multilingual learning; […]

Breaking the Green Washing Chain

The travel and tourism industry is multi-faceted and involves different stakeholders. For the industry to run successfully or achieve sustainable tourism development, a sound communication strategy is vital. Marketing and communication of responsible tourism products, services, and practices help tour operators stand out as responsible tourism enterprises. This heightens the tour operators’ chances of attracting […]

Sustainable tourism development for Kenyan Destinations

Before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, over-tourism was common in popular Kenyan tourism destinations. The affected destinations experience overcrowding which in turn leads to littering and a lack of observance of the park and reserve rules put in place e.g. using designated walk paths. In many cases, there is little involvement of the local […]

Promoting carbon neutrality for a better future.

Quoting United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on emphasizing carbon neutrality by 2050 via Le Monde: ‘…Second, we need to align global finance with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, the world’s blueprint for a better future. It is time to put a price on carbon; end fossil fuel subsidies and finance; stop building […]


Single-use plastics (SUPs) as per the U.N.E.P definition, are also referred to as disposable plastics and include items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. They are commonly used for plastic packaging and examples include grocery bags, food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups and cutlery, cotton buds, cigarette butts, […]


To mark World Tourism Day and month, GreenTour Kenya has had exciting events. This year’s theme; Tourism for Inclusive Growth, looks at initiating and progressing development in different areas through tourism. GreenTour has touched on the community aspect as well as the mental well-being aspect lightly. There has been engagement from CBTOs and a hopeful […]