Community-Based Tourism Organizations Are Participating!

What is Community-Based Tourism?


It is a unique kind of tourism that is driven by local communities and mostly happens in rural areas where a large proportion of nature remains unspoiled and culture is highly preserved.

Hellen of Tepesua CBO

Rosemary of Twala Tenebo women cultural centre


In Community Based Tourism (CBT), the locals have a substantial share in ownership, control and or management of a tourism resource. A major proportion of the benefits resulting from the ownership, control or management of the resource remain within the community.


Community Based Tourism aims at helping local communities to create a livelihood by sustainably utilizing their natural resources and culture, to come up with authentic and unforgettable travel experiences.At the same time, CBT aims at enhancing appreciation and preservation of the local culture and heritage. CBT is, therefore, a form of ecotourism.

Community Based Tourism in Kenya has uniqueness for travellers due to the unique cultural and natural activities. There are various Community Based Tourism products in Kenya, ranging from cultural activities, to accommodation, crafts, cultural villages, forest tours, rock art sites, cultural centers, and museums among others.


Group photo at IL Ngwesi community lodge

Find out who is participating:

  1. Il Ngwesi
  2. Twala Tenebo Women Cultural Manyatta
  3. Tepesua CBO
  4. Basecamp Maasai Brand
  5. Ngare Ndare Forest Trust

These Five (5) CBTOs are taking part in the Export Coaching Program Component of the Green Tour Project. The greatest potential of CBT identified through their involvement is that: CBT can be used as a tool for local economic development.

Watch this space for more about the CBTOs and Tour Operators participating in the Green Tour Project.


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