There are threats facing not only the processes within ecosystems but also, the ecosystems as well. These activities disrupt how the flora, fauna, compositions and their environment interact.

Human influence

What if the fish on your plate is no longer available? Or you could no longer see the sun due to air pollution? What if that natural thing you hold could disappear forever? Never to be seen or heard of again? Human beings get almost everything from Mother Nature, and there is no problem with that. The issue arises when we keep taking, carelessly take and take with no regard whatsoever. Overuse, misuse and abuse. The delicate nature of ecosystems is disrupted and the life of various species is affected.

Some of the activities that destroy ecosystems include;

  • Deforestation
  • Overfishing
  • Poaching
  •  Poor waste disposal
  • Ocean acidification
  • Pollution
  • Overpopulation & overconsumption of scarce resources
  • Global warming etc.

In the context of Kenya, Nairobi River, which is heavily polluted flows into the Indian Ocean. The ocean is habitat to not only aquatic animals that are fished for food, but also hosts other marine creatures like dolphins and coral reefs, which are a major tourist attraction. One poorly managed human activity, prohibits others i.e. fishing, tourism, surfing and pollutants change conducive environment for the existence of aquatic plants and animals.

Sea horse holding onto cotton ear swab

Another example is tourist souvenirs like necklaces or bracelets made from wild animals’ parts like bones or teeth. They encourage the illegal hunting of wild life to provide for the demand. This disrupts the food chains in the ecosystems and threatens the biodiversity. The first to face survival struggles or death may be plant and animal species, but not far down the line, we’re next.

Therefore, if we want to continue to enjoy the natural wonder the world has to offer; the animal and plant species, various landscapes, different climates, building materials for civilizations etc. We better shape up! Let us look around and see what we can salvage, stop destroying the little we have left and plan for better ecosystems. Taking a closer look at the ecosystem around us is no longer an environmental club thing, a scientist thing or an environmental lover thing! You want to live on earth, you better start caring now. You don’t take care of Mother Nature; Mother Nature takes care of you!


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