Restoring our relationship with nature

The 47th year’s theme for World Environment Day 2021 is Eco-system Restoration/ Resetting relation with nature. This theme directs us to have an intentional relationship with nature. A decisive, conscious approach to how we connect with the environment to make it better not just enjoy it. There are several activities we all can engage in to care for, protect and improve the environment. But, let us look at the most cliché of them all and break free from the cycle of futility.


We all must have been to at least one tree planting exercise. Most of them take place in areas that already have trees, ironically. Increasing the number of trees has direct positive effects such as improving the aesthetics of an area, providing shade, reducing carbon levels, giving off oxygen which we need to live, reducing rainwater runoff, etc. The problem with most tree planting exercises is that, there is little to no follow-up. The tree seedlings are not looked after, and several months down the line, we are gathering AGAIN for a tree planting exercise. If done well, we would have more green spaces for rest in the cities and small towns. Therefore, let’s plant more trees, take pictures, show them off on social media, and adopt trees to nurture them to full growth. Hey, you can even give them names, the point is, to see the process through.


Growth of a tree overtime


Another wonderful exercise! Trash collecting activity cleans up an area by sight and smell. Households produce a lot of litter daily. Having scheduled and organized trash collection from a company or the government would be good and long-lasting. Communities can designate places for proper garbage drop-offs on certain days of the week. We can also get ourselves well versed with types of garbage, their separation and responsible disposal.

Moreover, we can push for better policies to well address garbage collection and disposal. Remember, we are resetting how we connect with the environment and, dumping and leaving waste on the environment ruins the little connection we have with it.

Garbage separation types


This is more of a lifestyle habit, which is acceptable because we should keep the environment in mind at all times. I mean, it’s not like we live on earth once a day, right? The Ministry of Environment and Forestry already introduced the ban on the use of single-use paper bags. We can take a step further and identify other single-use plastics and completely remove them from usage i.e. plastic straws. We can also shop from sustainable alternatives and/or from eco-friendly vendors/suppliers. Most Do-It-Yourself projects would land here as well e.g. growing succulents from plastic soda bottles, CD wall art, upscaling clothes, etc. Create treasure from trash. #Trash2Treasure #GenerationRestoration

The story of Sisyphus from Greek mythology tells the story of a king who dared to trick the gods and ended up in wrong terms with them. He was cursed to push a boulder to the top of a hill. However, every time he got to the top, the boulder would roll back down to the bottom of the hill. Therefore, he was forced to repeat the action for eternity. Imagine repeating such a process for a long time! It would get tedious and tiring. Are we going the same thing for 47 years expecting different results? Let’s take a step further.

As you engage in similar activities, we wish you success and advise that you comply with Covid-19 guidelines. What other activities can we include in this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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