Snippets of the GreenTour Sustainability Champions: Sunworld Safaris

Sunworld Safaris was established in 1997 and is run by Gabriele Nowak the CEO and Davinder S. Choda the Managing Director. The company runs professionally customized safaris to suit its clients’ needs in all aspects. The fundamental core of the company’s activity is people & wildlife as well as the protection of our forests, oceans & culture.

The company is an actively participating member of the GreenTour Kenya Project. They are highly committed to sustainability and have so far attained the travelife partner status. As of January 29th 2021, the company had undertaken its sustainability audit and they hope to be awarded the certificate of excellence in the integration of sustainability practices in their operations.

Sunworld Safaris tours primarily include Eco-Rated and classified properties within East Africa. The Sunworld Safaris team pride itself on supporting local communities through excursions that benefit them with a direct income. They endeavour to have a low carbon footprint on the environment. As a result, they have trained their guides on environmentally friendly practices while out on safari including a strict code of ethics around the precious wildlife.

As Sunworld Safaris, it is their responsibility to ensure the sustainable development of tourism and provide the impetus that hopefully spurs the industry into positive change, whilst making Kenya a better place for people to live in and a more attractive destination to visit. With this aim, they are working to minimize their environmental impact and promote cultural heritage.

Please take a look at the 2-minute video to learn more about Sunworld Safaris.


Quote from Gabriele Nowak (CEO, Sunworld Safaris):

“Without protecting our beautiful environment, working with communities, we cannot sustain our wildlife”

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