Walking the Sustainability Journey with Marhaba Holidays

Integrating sustainability is critical to the future of the tourism industry. Sustainability in this sense refers to care for the environment, support of the local communities, fairness to employees and of course making and saving money! The tourists themselves are also changing their perceptions and attitudes by demanding more sustainable products, travel agents and destinations. This makes it a win-win for everyone including local people and very importantly the natural environment.



Marhaba Holidays have taken a step in the sustainability direction by engaging with Travelife and Ecotourism Kenya. The EK sustainability coach was at their offices in Rongai on 18th June 2019 to support the process. The company is changing its procedures, outlook, communication and operations in general to ensure it is sustainable and efficient. This is through having a sustainability policy, reviewing their day to day activities such as water and energy use as well as working to influence their suppliers among others.


Many tour operators are making strides in changing the norms in the tourism supply chain by engaging with us through the Green Tour Project Kenya. Are you part of the sustainability wave? Be part of the change, be part of the solutions.


Contact us at ecorating@ecotourismkenya for more information.

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