Working from the ground up: Sustainability at Mau Safaris


Mau Safaris is an early adopter of sustainability in many ways. First, they are among the pioneer companies to host a sustainability ambassador to support their engagement with Travelife. The company is also actively engaged with the Green Tour Project through being part of the selected companies in export coaching. Finally, and most importantly, the company is integrating sustainability in their internal operations and dealings with suppliers and clients.

Through intent coaching and training from Ecotourism Kenya, the young company, Mau Safaris is working from zero to build its company ethos and policies on the basis of a sustainable tourism enterprise. In roughly within a year of operation, the company has already a sustainability policy, a mission statement that reflects care for the environment, local communities and sound business. Mau Safaris is also positioning itself to be part of the move against plastic pollution from tourism by offering their clients reusable bottles. It is literally building its way from the ground, and the sustainability message is integrated all the way up.


If you would like to be part of the Green Tour Project and start your journey towards sustainability, kindly contact or call us on 0726366080

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