Ecotourism Kenya(EK) is a non-profit making membership association that champions responsible tourism. Our portfolio comprises individuals (conservationists, sustainability advocates, travelers, climate change ambassadors, etc), community-based tourism organizations, and other tourism enterprises.

We exist to promote and encourage the adoption of responsible tourism practices in Kenya’s tourism industry. Our commitment is geared towards contributing to environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic preservation and efficient use of natural resources.

Members Charter

Members of Ecotourism Kenya are expected to abide by the following charter:
All members of Ecotourism Kenya accept responsibility for protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural environment of the areas in which they operate.

They undertake to implement sound environmental practices in all their operations, the properties they manage and/or promote, the destinations they manage and/or sell, the natural areas they visit and the tours they package.

All this is done in collaboration with the communities they are part of.

Overall, they seek:
 To be proactive and innovative in their environmental programs
 To minimize waste and pollution of natural resources like water, land,
and air
 To minimize the amount of waste generated from their operations and to
safely dispose of all wastes without injury to the environment
 To participate in management of the natural areas in which they operate
 To comply with all relevant environmental legislation
 To educate their visitors about their natural areas and local cultures
 To observe the Kenya Safari Code and Coast Code
 To actively participate in programs developed to promote sustainable
tourism including voluntary certification
 To have clear environmental goals and to develop programs necessary to
achieve these goals
 To develop linkages with local communities in the areas in which they

EK members attending an AGM.